6th Grade Boys Jr Jackets Team Page

2017-2018 6th Grade Boy's Jr Jackets Roster

  • Joshua Langefels
  • Noah Pederson
  • Johnathan Swann
  • Malik Williams
  • Malachi Williams
  • Demetrius Brown
  • Nicholos Matanmi
  • Aiden McDonald
  • Tyler Pipes



6th Grade Boys
Coaching Staff

Head Coach - Steve Petit

    Head Coach                    Steve Petit

Coach P has been a mentor to young people for several years. As a native of Florida he has a passion for watching boys grow into young men. A former standout athlete in Florida, Steve went on to play in college. With twenty years of coaching under his belt, he has proven that he has the skills it takes to watch a program achieve greatness

Assistant Coach - Mariano Crime

Assistant Coach            Mariano Crime

Coach Mariano is no stranger to competition. Playing both high school and collegiate coach crimes was invited to try out for the New Jersey Nets. A native of New York, he brings a strong athletic influence to the athletes he coaches. He has many years of coaching experience and at least two decades of endurance and agility training experience.